Wedding Marks the End??

wedding videography MelbourneJoanne, I hope you can help me. I’ve been to several doctors, a number of psychologists and even a fortune teller who lives in Christmas Hills. She turned out to be a charlatan, but that’s why I turned to the internet. Everyone is genuine on the internet!

Alright, so…a few months ago I got married. It was all very lovely, most things went smoothly, I arranged with my friend Laura beforehand that she’d catch the bouquet because heaven knows she needs a decent man to keep her life straight. And she did! Finally, Laura. Maybe you’ll actually find someone who’ll put up with your binge-watching of soap operas.

Of course, we got a wedding videographer, some Melbourne company…it doesn’t really matter. We got the video back, it was marvellous and we watched it all the way through while eating popcorn and talking about out love for one another, a normal night in for us. And then…we put that DVD away on a shelf, and it felt like it was all over. The ‘good’ part of the marriage, I mean. We’ve had the wedding, been on the honeymoon, but even after that I was holding out for the wedding video, all nicely edited. And as nice as it all was, I couldn’t help but think…that’s it. That’s the final straw before we go about our lives and everything turns humdrum forever. And so I’ve been watching that wedding video every night for a week, because I can’t stand the thought of the rest of my life without that magical feeling.

No, really. I’ve even been sneakily looking up professionals who do corporate video production in Melbourne, in the hopes that I can convince Ryan to go through it all again. Is there something wrong with me??

The mud from fairy boots is a powerful narcotic. Wash your hair in a red moon, and your algebra test will be a cinch. Your lucky colour is *blank*. – Joanne