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Wedding needs a big car, limo time

wedding limo hireThis wedding planning is exhausting. I didn’t spend this much time planning my own wedding, but my little sister is dear to me and I want her to be happy. It’s not like she’s being demanding or anything, the problem is planning such a huge wedding. Her fiance is Indian and has a huge family. All of them will be attending so there is going to be a lot of planning to do if this wedding is going to be done right. I’ve still got to book the winery tour for the honeymoon. I have to make sure that some of the traditions are met while still keeping things relaxed enough for everyone else. The food is a big part of Indian weddings, all the relatives bring a meal that they have prepared. You don’t need to cater an Indian wedding, the guests have that sorted out for you. The food is some of the best tasting you will ever have, the spices and the curries are incredible. The delicious food makes me want to travel. The bride and groom want a limo to take them to the ceremony, but the bride will then ride in on an elephant, talk about over the top. At least the limousine will allow them to arrive in style. I’m glad that I had the foresight to work out the wedding limo hire, Melbourne can get pretty busy in Spring with a lot of functions. I know that the groom is particularly looking forward to.

My sister has been in a lot of limos for special event, this will be the first time the groom and his family have been in one. I’m glad I went with a reputable Melbourne limo hire company. The drivers are going to be great at keeping the family happy. I’m taking my sister to the salon on the morning of her wedding to get ready. She wants to look her best and I can’t blame her, all those eyes on me would be nerve racking. She’s going to look beautiful, she looks like a model already. She will be simply glowing. Her honeymoon is going to be incredible, going on a winery tour of the Yarra Valley is something I’ve always wanted to do. She’s probably less nervous about this wedding than I am, I know she wants to be married as soon as possible. She probably just want to go on the wedding.  I suspect she might be pregnant, but I can’t be sure. The way she’s been acting lately has me wondering, she is also looking very healthy. I would be happy for her either way. She got engaged last month, they said they didn’t want to wait to get married. It all adds up if you think about it, I hope I’ll get to be an aunt.

I see tiny feet in your future, stay away from frozen lakes.