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Pool fence plus?

I’m part way through my fabulous renovations, and I feel like one of those contents from The Block or whatever that show is called, expect I have way better hair. Anyway, everything is going absolutely wonderfully. The garden looks like a bomb hit it hard and there’s not a shred of greenery to be seen anywhere, which is just how I wanted it. Why would I want that, you ask? Because I am getting a pool, that is why. But strangely enough the reno isn’t just glitz and glam, but also some pretty nitty gritty decisions. For example, I have no idea what I’m doing with the pool fencing. Melbourne gets super hot over the summer, so having a pool was a must. But what do I do about the fence?

Getting just one of those super duper child friendly plastic contraptions was totally out of the question. I mean, my backyard paradise does not need to be a child friendlPool fencey zone, I don’t even know anyone with kids! But there are a ton of safety regulations around getting a pool, and one of them is that the fence has to be ‘up to code’ or whatever. So here’s my solution. Instead of getting a plastic Jungle Jim, I’m thinking I’m going to have to go with a glass pool fence. Trendy Melbourne like yours truly need to keep up a certain level of style, and having a glass fence is super chic.

I was also wondering whether I could be bothered building a floating bar into the pool, but I feel like that was taking it a bit too far. I mean, the whole bar-in-the-pool thing is good fun overseas, but having it at home would get old fast. The thing is, I want to do something to really polish off the whole look. Is there anything you can recommend?

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