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Novated lease has me questioning the bigger picture

Dear Joanna,

novated car leaseI currently find myself facing a great dilemma. The novated lease my Perth based company and I have agreed to is about to allow me to obtain another car. This, as you may already have guessed, is a wonderful thing. Thus the dilemma lies not in the acquisition of a new car, but rather in what type of car we are to acquire. You see, my husband and I have been trying, without success, to bring children into our lives. We had hoped to achieve this through natural means, yet it appears that this was not to be. We have decided not to consult anyone about this just yet, but continue trying. Although we have not talked about it at any great length, there is a possibility that we might try to conceive through science.

That is where this decision becomes more complex. At the moment, I own a two door little car, which I absolutely love to bits. The problem is, this is not a particularly baby-friendly car, and yet I don’t want to upgrade to a soccer-mum truck if there’s no real need. Thus the novated car lease renewal presents a real problem for me. In a way, it’s sort of the manifestation of a much larger and more pressing uncertainty that looms threateningly overhead. It’s not really a conversation I want to have with my husband before he’s ready, and yet that seems to be the way things are headed at the moment. I feel that I’m going to be forced to face the problem all because of a car! Please, Joanna, what do you feel I should do? Must I confront the situation with my husband, or can the car lease be resolved on its own?

Be confident in yourself as a woman and a human. Embrace every aspect of the change you see before yourself.-Joanne

Speaking with my father about novated leasing

My boss had been talking about car leasing a lot lately at work. He brought it up during the weekly staff meeting and then again yesterday. He mentions it in such a way that prompts you to ask questions. I didn’t like when people did things like that. I liked people who were just straight forward. I would have much preferred him to come straight up to me and say what he wanted to say. I don’t want him to subtly mention it. It frustrates me to no end. I was excited about the possibility of sitting down with my boss and discussing a novated lease, Australia has all sorts of tax concession if you’re smart. I needed to find out a little bit more information first. I didn’t know the first thing about novated leasing. I still lived at home and although that sounded pathetic, my parents had allowed it so that I could set myself up. They wanted me to go straight from their home, to married with a husband. The thing was, I didn’t have a husband, or any prospects in that regard on the horizon.

I got home from work that afternoon and told my parents about the potential new car. My father said I should really take my time and use a novated car lease calculator. I wondered whether or not it was a good idea to get myself at the moment. I had a car that sort of worked, but needed a lot of work and wasn’t fuel efficient. The idea of getting a new one was enticing. I sat down and spoke to my father about my concerns. I was glad I had decided to give it some thought before giving my boss an answer. I’m fairly sure that a novated lease is the best option for me right now. I can sell my old car and use the money to rent an apartment. I can finally be free of my parents and live independently, at least for a while. I might even throw a house and car warming party, if there is such a thing. Do you think I’ll meet anyone nice if I throw a party?

Look to the past in order to find the answers to your internal fears. Red is your colours this month, embrace change in your pants.