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Ducted Heating (or lack thereof) Getting Me Down

Marble FloorI am so mad I am literally seething. My husband and I just bought a beautiful home in Sydney, we really couldn’t ask for a better place. We’ve both been Melbournians all our lives, and love our home city to bit, but Derek’s job had him commuting back and forth between Sydney – so we decided to make the move. And it should have been an absolute dream come true, but to our absolute horror it didn’t come with heating! I mean it came with heating under the floor, to heat the marble, but nothing more than that. What that means was that when we asked about whether the house had heating, everyone said ‘yes, of course!’ But that was only a way of ticking the box.

The floor heater is lovely on the cold marble, but it does not do a very good job at heating up the whole house in the middle of winter. The thing is, I’m not really sure how expensive getting ducted heating in Sydney is. I mean, we have heating already. Would they have to put it under (or over?) our existing heating? Would that even be possible? Could we keep the heating we’ve got and have new heating? If you tell me we have to pull up all of our floor I am not going to be impressed. All I really wanted was to move into a nice, new house, in Sydney with gas heating – is that really too much to ask for? Why must everything always be so unnecessarily complicated? I’m telling you, this kind of thing happens to us literally all of the time. Sometimes I think we must be cursed. What do you think we should do? Get the ducted heating or live with the pathetic floor heating?

Orion’s Belt will align with Jupiter in the second half of this month. Harnessing this great cosmic event will enable to make choices with greater clarity and precision.

Feng shui or ducted heating?

Feng shui or heater?My partner and I recently moved into our rad new flat in metro Canberra, and we could not be more stoked. The place is just fully gorgeous and the housewarming party was totally heckers. We just can’t wait to get our lives started in this place, to build a life together. I’m a big believer in feng shui and having your environment mimic your soul as another step on the path towards enlightenment, but that’s really where my partner and I disagree. You see, I want to spend the rest of our savings on creating a down to earth, meaningful home for ourselves, whereas he wants to spend it on getting ducted heating. Canberra can be cold, particularly in the winter, and already we’re both really struggling. But as an eco-warrior, I know that we can make it through the rest of the month without investing in any type of heating system. Also, I heard that the vaporiser in heaters emits these tiny particles that go into your brain and make people stupider over generations. That’s one of the ways the masked dictators are controlling us, and I say no more! I will not allow myself and my unborn children to be tainted by the Government’s police-state Big Brother ways of making the population of the planet docile. I will stand up and start the revolution!

My partner agrees with me, he agrees with reason, but still he’s weakening against the cold. I can’t hold back the patriarchy without his support, and I need another voice in this debate. What do you think, Joanna? I look up to you, I value your opinion. Do you think we need heating in Canberra, home of the Government?

The meek and mild lamb trusts in the guidance of the shepherd, the lion carves its path through the wilderness alone. Follow the path of your spirit animal and your soul will find peace in all its adventures.

My daughter deserves a great house

timber window replacementsMy daughter works so hard for the world. Not just for herself, and not just for her family or her friends, but for everyone. She truly is selfless and kind. I love her to pieces and I want nothing more than to tell the world that she is my daughter and I helped to raise her. I’m so proud of her; I want to give her a gift. I want to make sure that knows how very happy I am that I have a daughter who has grown into a thoughtful and responsible adult. This is why I’m buying her a house. I know it sounds like an extravagant gift for a girl who is only 16 but she deserves it. It’ll be a modest house that needs a lot of fixing up but I figure it’ll give us time to spend together. We can fix up her house on the weekends instead of her going to parties with boys. A much smarter option if you ask me. I bought the place a few months ago, she is going to be so surprised. My name is also on the mortgage, just in case she needs help with the payments. I want the house to be fixed up a bit before I reveal the surprise to her. The previous occupants have not treated the house with respect, almost half the house needs window replacements, Melbourne just isn’t as safe as it used to be when I was a lad. I don’t know how they managed to damage so many window frames, some of them were aluminium! I’m going to replace them all with timber because I think it suits the house aesthetic more than aluminium. I’m pretty I’ll be able to organise timber window repairs in Melbourne this weekend. I’d do the work myself but I don’t have the skills or the tools. It’s winter so the once the windows are sorted out I’ll have to find out what is going on with the ducted gas heating, Melbourne is freezing right now and it’s only Autumn. I can’t work on the house while my teeth are chattering, this heating issues needs to get sorted after I tear down the inside of the house. It’s currently a three bedroom house but I think the rooms are too small so I’ll be tearing down a few walls to make a two bedroom. I honestly don’t see the point of having three tiny rooms and being cramped when there are smarter alternatives. I think the existing gas heating system might be salvageable, I know it doesn’t work now but I’m certain it will only take minor gas heating repairs, Melbourne winter is brutal and I won’t shiver through another one. I do hope my daughter likes the house, I’m sure she will, I just worry sometimes that I’ve picked the wrong area. If my father bought me a house when I was sixteen I would have been happy no matter where it was. Kids these days have all these expectations, it’s hard to live up to. Will my daughter be happy with the house?

I see fog, lot’s of fog. I see a happy girl who loves herself so much that empathy is an afterthought.