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Hope for the future after defect report

defect report MelbourneHelping people had never really been my thing. Growing up in the city, I was a very closed off and private person. I guess it was because there was always a lot of people around, it was nice to have that private part of your life. I’d make an effort to take some time out for myself to be alone with my thoughts. Lately though, I’d been striking up conversations with strangers and feeling excited during the day. I had not done either of those two things in years. I knew the reason for my sudden improvement in mood. I had just started seeing a guy I met online, his name was Ben. Things were going really well, and after getting over the possibility that he could be a stalker, I met him and we started dating in real life. All of my work colleagues had noticed the difference, but I told them they were crazy. I hadn’t realised how much I’d changed and how serious this relationship was until I found myself thinking about moving in together.

While walking to my usual lunch spot, I had overheard two women talking about buying houses. One of the women was talking about how her husband was struggling to find a good Melbourne based building and pest inspector. I had recently used a building inspector to check out a home I was thinking of buying and couldn’t fault them. They were brilliant, so I decided to stop and give these ladies advice. The woman happily took the business card from me and thanked me for my help. That was when I realised how dramatically my personality had changed since I’d started dating Ben. If the old me had of seen that act of kindness towards complete strangers, she would have slapped me square in the face. I kept walking towards the cafe. I wondered if the change was such a bad thing. Maybe a little happiness and random kindness are good things to have in your life. I know it was too early to think about moving in together, but after I received the building defect report I was all set to buy a new home. It was much bigger than I needed but I planned to have a big family one day. I can’t help but wonder what would happen if I raised the idea with Ben about moving in together.

Do not rush your union, I have foreseen rocky waters in your shallow pool.

Empty Rooms, Empty Dreams

empty roomAll my life, I’ve dreamed of spelunking. I’ve seen it happen in so many films, particularly Batman Begins and The Descent (though the latter is a bit more realistic, in my opinion). I watch these people spelunking and having a great time doing it, and it all just seems so adventurous,except for the beasties (bats are the worst!). I’ve also been enamoured with the idea of going to abandoned buildings and seeking out the lost things that are remembered by no one. It’s very…exciting.

But now I’m a property inspector, in Melbourne no less. It’s not really what you’d call a city of adventure, and Melbourne is still a relatively new city…so not very many mansions to explore, y’know? There was that one in Keymore, but it’s now up and running as a school. Never made it there myself.

I should be content with my job. It’s not a bad gig, and I get to look around a lot of places without people in them. Then again, they’re usually new, or not all that old, and empty. No creepy slashed wallpaper or withered baby cribs that rock by themselves. Nope, just new carpet and the occasional threat of damp. It’s not exactly Christmas. Or my idea of Christmas.

No…I should be happy. I do a good job, making sure buildings are safe for people to live in. Building inspections in Melbourne make the city a good place to live. No one wants to live in a collapsing building. Although…that would be exciting, right? Just for me.

The alignment of Venus will cause great illness in your cat. Avoid reruns of Cheers, as they will sap your qi and ruin the cut of your jib. Your lucky number is an upside-down calculator that says ‘hello’.