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Creative air conditioning usages

Air conditioning PerthAs a parent, I’m constantly trying to guide my children towards becoming the most complete version of themselves. That is not only my goal for now, but my goal for the future, that as they grow older and mature, I can help them towards spiritual fulfillment, as my mother helped me. At their age now, where written words are just starting to take on the greater meaning they represent, the most important part of that journey is creating a sense of imagination. In a day and age dominated by screens, where the ideas of others are forcibly rammed into the minds of the young, developing the capacity of a child to think for themselves is absolutely paramount.

Usually, I delight in finding safe, clean ways to achieve this end. Something enjoyable yet relatively risk free. Today, however, it was not the child but the appliance that was unknowingly put in harm’s way. Following an idea sparked by a children’s show, I decided I could create a cave by using the air conditioning unit from Perth to blow up a sheet, erecting a cave-like structure which the children could then play in. I thought this was a wonderful idea, a way to combat the heat and indulge my children in new sensations, but it backfired horribly.

For whatever reason, the action of our particular air conditioner is such that it periodically sucks. After making the cave and observing it had worked, I left and the sucking action soon thereafter commenced. The sheet immediately flew off its weights and into the air conditioner, becoming incredibly entangled. With summer only just having begun, where can I find someone to do air conditioning repairs? Perth city is quite far from our house, so I need someone with a broader scope.

The answers you seek will come to you through your dreams. Listen to your subconscious, it has much to say. – Joanna

Wall Colours for Instant Cooling

featureThe colour of your home can really have an impact on the climate. I’m firmly of the opinion that you should match the decor to the place…in other words, climate decoration! In fact, I’ve made my living as a climate decoration specialist. Whenever people are struggling to know what colour to make their walls, I arrive on the scene to give them a full break down. Obviously, if you’re building a summer home on the beach and the walls are dark red…oh, the thought makes me shudder!

A couple in Sydney yesterday had this problem. Now, you know Sydney, air conditioning and heating all in one big package. It’s not the hottest place in Australia, but neither is it Melbourne, or Hobart. Now THOSE are some places in need of warm colours. Dark purples, reds, burnt oranges…no, not in Sydney. Cooling the entire home is a mistake, since it won’t serve the inhabitants when the colder months roll around. Imagine switching off the air conditioning, turning on your heating and then it having no effect because you’ve chosen to make the dining room walls a light blue. You’d take one look and start shivering. No, no and so much no. Sydney is a tricky one in that regard, since you need the mid-level colours. Sometimes, people have rooms they don’t really use in the winter and summer. So in the room kitted out with air conditioning services, you’d do up the walls with the summer colours- light blues, yellows- and then have a contrast with the winter rooms. It’s tricky, and then you have the problem of inter-room clashes. Still, for an expert, you can make it work. Fortunately, I am one of those. Sydney air conditioning services have nothing on me and my ability to cool and heat with nothing but colour!

The rising wolf moon stirs the sixth chakra gate, causing your spirit to crave caffeine. Do not give in. Your lucky spirit animal is the noble and mighty plankton. – Joanna

Air conditioning for sensitive cats

air conditioning MelbourneI didn’t know what to do. I had only just got here and I had already broken the air conditioner. How could this have happened? Surely it had to be a joke. My best friend Julie had asked me to house sit for her while her boyfriend Jimmy and her took a two week trip interstate. They had two very clingy cats that I was taking care of while they lived it up in the sunshine state.  They had not been on a holiday in a long time and after recently accepting a promotion, Jimmy wanted to treat his girlfriend to a getaway some place warm. I told them both I was happy to house sit for them and was actually excited about it. I love cats and was more than happy to spend a week with their two fluffy babies. They had a big beautiful house and I always enjoyed myself there. My apartment is tiny in comparison, it’s nice to have room to move. They had a lap pool in their backyard and a home gym set up, I was determined to get some exercise in while I had full access to their equipment. I owed it to myself to get back into shape. I could see their garden was in serious need of some work so I planned to get my hands dirty while I stayed. As an anniversary gift to my dear friend I had purchased a silver birch and a few ornamental trees to plant in their yard.

Their honeymoon was in Japan, so I thought it would be sweet to give them a japanese maple tree. I knew that it wouldn’t require a lot of maintenance and would look fantastic in a few years. I had hoped that would be a little cooler than forecast to plant these trees. It was nearing the end of the day and the temperature was not dropping. The house became way too warm for the cats so I switched on the air conditioner. I went to jump in the shower to cool down. I was expecting the house to nice and cold when I got out. After my shower, I was horrified to discover the air conditioner wasn’t working. Once I’d dried myself off and gotten into some warm clothes, I picked up the phone and called the number on the fridge for air conditioning repairs. Melbourne had been experiencing unseasonably hot weather, the air con had been overworked. Thankfully the business card was stuck on the fridge, so I assumed it was who Julie and Jimmy got their air con serviced through. The guy who answered the call at Melbourne air conditioning service company was more than happy to help me out. I asked the man if he could book me in for an urgent air conditioner fix because the cats are very sensitive. I was relieved that the air con was going to be fixed but stressed out about how the cats were going to deal with the heat. They seem fine but the last thing I need is two overheated cats trying to escape.

Cats are very resilient, keep an eye on them in the next few days. Your lucky star shines bright.

The house is nice and cool again

air conditioning PerthI moved in with my friend after my parents kicked me out. You sell your parents stuff one time so you can afford to party and they flip out. They’re going to miss me I just know it, sure I put them through a lot but they can deal. It’s not like I knew the stuff I was selling was a family treasure or anything, I was just out of cash. Now I have to move in with my friend and I don’t know how happy he is about it. He’s a neat freak and works long hours. I’m going to be the best houseguest ever, he’s going to be so glad he has me there to keep him company. I’m going to learn how to cook and make him a nice meal for when he gets home. He left a number on the fridge for emergencies so I call him every hour to chat. He doesn’t seem to want to talk much, his work must be more fun or something. I guess I should get a job someday but I don’t really want to. I would rather just enjoy life than spend it serving other people. The house was starting to get hot so I put the air con on full blast. It make a funny noise and then I smelled something weird.

My friend was not happy, he said to get someone to repair the air conditioning, Perth isn’t exactly the kind of place you can live without cooling. It sounded like my friend was mad at me, like it was my fault somehow. I didn’t do anything to the stupid thing. I’m going to ask the people who are doing the Perth air conditioning service if it was my fault. It’s not like I meant to break the thing, I was just chilling like I always do. I hope he doesn’t kick me out for this. At least air conditioning is going to get it working again, then I can make my friend dinner or buy a pizza. He should be thanking me for making sure his air con is working for summer. Is my friend going to kick me out?

You must come to terms with the relationship with your parents. Don’t wait any longer, take one step forward and then two steps to the side.