Central heating breakdown causes family interaction

heating repairs copyI have finally accepted that my mother has control of my life, although I live in my own apartment twenty minutes away from her. My mother is very nosey, and although she is only doing it out of love, sometimes I am unable to hold back, but most of the time I tolerate the intrusion. My sister had let it slip to my mother that my central heating had broken down, which I was trying my best to keep a secret. Now that my mother had found out about my broken split system heating, she has taken it upon herself to sort it out for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a spoilt, ungrateful brat who doesn’t appreciate her parent’s love. I loved my parents with all my heart and was so lucky to have their support and guidance growing up. I’m an adult now, it’s time for me to stand on my own two feet. I feel comforted knowing that I have their help me when I need it. I just, I wanted to prove to them I could make it on my own, which was why I moved out.

Mum had booked in an appointment for repairs to the split system heating, Brisbane honestly wasn’t even that chilly yet. The that frustrated me is that she made the arrangements without asking me. She asked that they send a repair technician to my house sometime this morning. I’m working all day and will not be around, but since mother has a key she didn’t see that as a problem. Mum also hadn’t given me the correct details, so I just had to hope for the best. I guess I was fine with that, I had nothing better to do today. I flicked on the television and thought about what I was going to do to occupy my time today. I hadn’t gotten many things written down on my to-do-list, when there was a knock at my front door. It was my mother, coming over to check that the repairman had done a sufficient job on the ducted heating repairs in Brisbane. I think it’s time that mother and I had the talk. I need to find a way to tell her that I want my independence. I don’t want to hurt her feeling but something needs to be done.

Are you feeling a sense of impending luck? This month will prove to be fruitful. You have made the right choice and you did the right thing recently.

Pest inspection calls for fatherly advice

termite control pestsBegrudgingly, I had taken my father’s advice and scheduled a pest inspection. I had spent yesterday afternoon at my father’s house talking to him about the possibility of me buying my first unit and he had insisted I get termite inspections in Dromana. My father had shown surprise and appreciation in his face when I’d asked for his advice on buying my first property. I knew it was a huge commitment and one my father had made many times in his life. He had owned an abundance of properties in his time and I was happy to learn from him. Most of the people in my family forget that my father is actually a fountain of wisdom. No one in my family found any interest in conversing with him and it really got to me. I wanted to show my father that there was someone out there that appreciated him and wanted to hear what he had to say. My father was the one who had told how important it was to make sure any property you are buying is free from termites. White ants are a major problem if they have damaged the structure of a property. When a house is on the market for cheap, you should always be suspicious of a termite infestation. My father sounded very pleased when I told him that I had booked the pest inspection. He told me a few things to look out for myself, and then things to get the inspector to double check. My father was able to give me heaps of handy hints to ensure I get the most out of my pest control, Pakenham after all seems to have a termite problem. I was nervous about buying the unit, I had been dreaming about it owning my own place for a long time. I had taken many months to save up a deposit, I needed to take my time to ensure the property was safe and free from problems. If it failed the inspection, I would be devastated. I asked my father what he was up to for the day, and when he said he was free, I told him he was coming with me. Will the inspection find termites?

Think globally about local issues and realise that it’s ok to ask for forgiveness. A friend from your past will surprise you with a phone call.

Fear of the Shoebox House

ShoeboxSometimes at night, I dream. I do not dream about the future, or things that happened in the past. No, my dreams are far more elaborate than that. I dream…that I’m buying a house. It is a wonderful moment, this fulfillment of the great Australian dream. My Melbourne property conveyancer stands nearby, applauding at both her own effort and mine, for this was a joint effort. I stand before my home, conveyancer somehow applauding whilst holding a large stack of papers that prove my ownership, and I enter the house.

But then, my dream takes a turn for something much worse. I step inside, and find that I’ve accidentally bought the home equivalent of a shoebox. I can barely fit a small dining chair through the door, after which I sit down and tuck my legs up to my chin since there’s only room for the chair. There are no windows, so once the door is closed, I’m all alone. I sit there for a while, wondering about perhaps adding some kind of extension. Then I realise that I have no kitchen or laundry facilities, and I wake up screaming.

I’ve tried to talk to my conveyancer about this, but they’ve assured me that housing dreams are common when someone is buying a home for the first time. They say that all property transfers in Melbourne are protected by law, and that I can’t buy a shoebox without my knowledge. But…what if I do? Maybe I’ll sleepwalk and ruin my chances forever!

Sometimes, we must find our spirit animal before we find ourselves. A black cat will knock a clover-shaped ladder onto your head. Your lucky number is 45 miles per hour.

My lost love

My love is gone and I’m devastated that I won’t be able to talk to him anymore. I can still see his face, it haunts me in my waking and dreaming life. I can still see his smile and it makes me weep with longing every single day. I hope that I can soothe his spirit, I hope that he is happy in the afterlife. I sincerely hope that I can get through the next few days without falling apart. It’s difficult going to the funeral home, Perth streets seem so much emptier without my love by my side.

I have heard only good things about their service, and those good things are what I need to hold on to. That was my man, I’ll never see again and it breaks my heart. All I can hear are the condolences of people that are think they are his friends, but they are not.

I need to start thinking about cremations, Perth family members have been helping me as much as the can but the decision is mine alone. I’m glad for their company, at least. I don’t want to be alone in this world, I can’t be with him yet. I wish that I could see him one last time, whether it be here or in the next life. I plead with a higher power, don’t take him away forever. I will do anything to make it happen and I don’t care what I have to sacrifice. I don’t care that there isn’t anything that I can really do, because I just want to get the healing started.

I hope that the funeral helps me farewell my love. I am pretty sure that it shouldn’t be too long before I’m paralysed with grief, I fear that day. I don’t really want that to happen, to fall apart, but I have been told by a few people that they will help me as best they can. I think it best if I get myself ready for that event. It will be the easiest thing in the world to just forget about moving on; pay for the funerals, and just move on with my life, but I’m not ready. I don’t want to move on, I keep looking back.

The Furniture debacle leads to window repairs

Dear Joanne,

sash windows to repalceNobody likes moving house, especially when you’re moving to a smaller place. Every time I have to move, something major seems to always go wrong. It’s like the worlds way of telling me that I am never meant to move house, I should be banished to one set of four walls for the rest of my existence. That could be me being a little bit dramatic, but after what happened, I think I’m allowed to be dramatic.

There was no way our furniture was going to fit through the front, or back, doors of our new house. They are extremely narrow, I used a measuring tape to be sure and there just wasn’t any way. We decided the only way the furniture was going to make it inside was if we pushed it through the window. Everyone laughed at me at first, but once I’d opened the windows fully, there was plenty of room to get the furniture through. We started unloading everything and it was all going well. My husband grabbed a large round table off the back of the ute and tried to hand it through to me. The table must of been only an inch too big, when my husband gave it a shove the timber window frame broke. Sure the table got through, but at a price. My husband had done such great damage to the window frame that the windows wouldn’t even slide back in. I was furious as one would expect. The windows would now need replacing, a cost we hadn’t budged for. After a good nights rest my husband got up the next day and got in touch with a company that does sash window replacements in Melbourne. I was trying not to be snappy with my husband but I had told him to be extremely careful. Moving costs had been more expensive than I had expected so our money was tight. I got stuck into the cleaning and unpacking, but was still able to hear the conversation my husband was having with the guy from aluminium window repairs in Melbourne. We didn’t speak for long and when my husband walked out and told me they’ll fix it next week, I was immediately frightened. Our home was not safe with the front window wide open like that. We put a few big bookshelves in front of the window to deter burglars. Hopefully it will be enough until the windows are able to be fixed.

Look to an older relative to answers to some of life’s difficult questions. Ignore your first instinct on this one. Next week you will have a chance to do something meaningful with your husband.